A Special Downloader For NZB Files

Many people have started Usenet for downloading the files. This is because Usenet offers some significant advantages such as convenience, speed, and privacy. If you want to use the Usenet, you should open a Usenet account from any one of the Usenet service providers. To understand the basic terms of Usenet, you have to check the FOLDOC’s background information. With many Usenet service providers in the market, people have plenty of options to choose their Usenet packages. Though free Usenet servers are found, they do not offer speed like the paid one. You can take a look at some of the posts about Usenet 101 to know some interesting details.

If you don’t like to configure and install the Usenet Newsgrabber clients such as Unzbin and SABnzbd, you have to rely on the luck. Usenet Storm is one of the popular Usenet service providers, who offer amazing NZBs download. Usenet Storm offers their users an unlimited Usenet access, right from the web browser. This service avoids the need for configuring some complicated news reader software. All that you have to do is provide the URL to the NZB file that you want to download, and the Usenet Storm will download it for you. After the download is complete, you will receive the link, where the zip file of the downloaded file can be found. This process effectively eliminates the use of a newsgrabber software.

There is no need to open an account if you are going for a free download. The users of free account will experience various limitations such as 500mb of the maximum size of NZB file, One thread in a download, Download speed at or below 5mbps, files getting deleted after 24 hours, etc. In most cases, free accounts are not sufficient for most serious file downloading purposes. The Usenet Storm offers three types of accounts such as silver, gold, and platinum.

Silver plan costs $3.99 per month, Gold costs $6.99 per month, and platinum costs $8.99 per month. The features increase as the price increases. Though traditional newsgrabber such as Unzbin and SABnzbd are good, they do not offer sophisticated features like Usenet Storm.

Usenet is ideal for both individuals and businesses. The businesses can benefit a lot from Usenet due to the security. The businesses are very particular about protecting their sensitive information and data. With security threats looming to a great extent, the Usenet is seen as a great boon. As the information is encrypted, it is hardly possible for an unauthorized person to read your information. The security provided by the Usenet is par with the security provided by the online banking facility.

This is the reason why many individuals and businesses are not hesitant to pay the dollars for the Usenet. In the coming days, the Usenet will become more prevalent like BitTorrent. Currently, the Usenet providers are offering attractive offers to impress the customers. So, do not miss the opportunity and find your convenient plan at your favorable price. You can search the Internet to find the right service provider. You can read the reviews to find the genuine service providers.

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